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Gema Magic Cylinder Automatic Spray Booth

Classic Coatings is committed to continuously updating our powder application equipment. Our Two Rivers plant has a state of the art Gema Magic Cylinder automatic spray booth. This booth has 10 automatic guns and 4 manual guns. It also is a reclaim booth to optimize on our powder usage so that we can meet or beat the competition on pricing for long run orders.

Powder Coating

Classic Coatings can provide a wide range of coating options to protect your parts from corrosion and to enhance the appearance and performance of your parts.

Dry Paint a.k.a. "Powder Coating"

One of our most popular coatings is Powder Coating. Powder coating, sometimes referred to as "dry paint" is an environmentally-friendly coating material which is "baked" onto metal. Replacing the "wet painting" of the past, Powder Coating is applied to raw metal parts made of aluminum, steel or cast iron. We offer a full range of powder chemistries and textures. We inventory hundreds of powders to be able to offer you a standard 3- to 5-day turnaround on most orders. Contact Classic Coatings to learn more!


Classic Coatings stocks a wide variety of powders and has access to hundreds of different colors, gloss levels, formulations and even textures to meet your most demanding industrial application or restoration needs. View sample colors.

Powder Coating Choices

  • Polyurethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Polyester/TGIC
  • Hybrids

Temperature Extremes

Some powder coatings withstand temperatures up to about 500°F.  Some black powders can support temperatures up to 800° F.