Classic Coatings Metal Fabrication in Sheboygan Wisconsin

Metal Fabrication

Classic Coatings has developed a strong network of custom industrial metal fabricating job shops through working relationships. By communicating daily, this network allows us to offer the most competitive pricing along with unmatched service and quality. Classic Coatings can maximize your dollar by utilizing the existing transportation and locating the best suited equipment without paying for high overhead.


Laser Scale Removal

Classic Coatings now has the capabilities to remove that problematic laser scale from thick steel parts so that the paint will adhere to the cut edges. This is a three step process where step one is an acid etch that loosens the laser oxide from the metal part. Step two is a clean rinse and step three is a sealer that prevents the part from flash rusting while waiting to be hung on our line. Our 5 stage washer removes any remaining laser oxide residue along with oils and other contaminates prior to powder coating. This new system has proven to be more cost effective in removing laser oxide over the older mechanical methods commonly used in the past.


We are able to run parts ranging from small aluminum brackets to large steel weldments. Quantities of a few pieces to runs in the thousands are not an issue. We are able to fabricate metal ranging in thickness from .006" to over 3" thick. Our experienced staff can assemble your parts so that your assembly is complete when you receive it from us. Contact Classic Coatings to learn more!