Classic Coatings

Ceramic Coating

Often referred to as exhaust coating, header coating or high heat coating: ceramic coatings are recommended for parts that are exposed to extremely high temperatures such as headers or exhaust pipes. Ceramic coatings increase part longevity, reduces friction, produces more usable power and will protects parts from thermal fatigue. Our coating is applied to the inside and outside of the exhaust. Unlike other companies, Classic Coatings does not charge extra for this internal coating. Contact Classic Coatings to learn more!

Chromate Conversion

This coating is a great primer for powder coating. Protect aluminum parts from extreme weather by using a chromate conversion coating on the substrate and an attractive powder coating as a top coat. This durable ceramic coating runs between 2 and 4 mils thick (0.002"- 0.004") and provides a hard finish which is resistant to rusting and chipping. Ceramic coating can be applied over chrome, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron or titanium.

Exhaust Coating Options

Polished CermaKrome (MCX)

A very popular metallic ceramic exhaust coating, CermaKrome has an appealing high-luster chrome look. It provides an extremely hard finish which is not susceptible to rusting or chipping and is able to withstand temperatures up to 1,300°F. MCX has been used in place of chrome applications, such as A-Arms, intakes, brackets, etc.

Black Satin

Tolerant of high temperature exposure, Black Satin has been tested at temperatures over 2,000°F without any lifting or cracking of the ceramic coating provided our TLHM (Race Coating) is applied to the inside of the pipes. Black Satin does not hold potentially damaging heat around the part. Surface temperatures are reduced, lowering thermal fatigue in the part which in turn extends the life of the exhaust piece. Under hood temps are reduced which helps provide a cooler running engine, thus creating more horsepower. A two-layer coating is available for the ultimate performance.

Cast Iron Gray

This coating contains special high temperature pigments that have been combined with the Black Satin resins to provide a color stable, thermal barrier coating for exhaust systems. This is ideal for restoring manifolds to a new cast iron look that requires virtually no maintenance. (This color is not recommended for racing applications). We offer light and dark gray color options.

TLHB (Race Coat)

This type of coating is an internal exhaust coating applied to the inside diameter of exhaust pipes for extra protection. This coating aids in the acceleration of exhaust gas velocity which helps reduce under hood and internal engine temperatures. TLHB will increase the maximum temperature that the exterior coating can withstand. We recommend this coating for all race applications.