A Powder & Ceramic Coating Leader

Classic Coatings, Inc. is a leading applicator of Powder Coatings, Ceramic Coatings, and Specialty Coatings supporting commercial, and industrial markets. With over 15 years of experience in the ceramic coatings and powder coating industry. Classic Coatings continues to serve the industrial market in the powder coating arena and provides ceramic coating services to hobbyists and race enthusiasts. Our quality standards are second to none in the business.

Powder Coating

Powder coating, sometimes referred to as "dry paint," is a "baked" on metal coating. Powder Coating is often applied to engine blocks, heads, valve covers and frames.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating, is often referred to as exhaust coating, header coating or high heat coating. It is recommend for use on parts that are exposed to extremely high temperatures such as headers or exhaust pipes. Most ceramic coatings consist of the same base materials. The difference is HOW these materials are applied and how the substrates are prepared. At Classic Coatings, we have a long history of quality and maintain our certification in this area. We also have a warranty to stand behind our coatings.


Our talented staff of technicians take pride in their work, utilizing their years of experience to benefit you, our customer. Our large industrial customers include: Harley-Davidson, General Motors, Mercury Marine and Caterpillar. We also work with smaller companies who manufacture their own products which need industrial coating applications.

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